Zamara Cuyún



Zamara Cuyún is a product of colonization. With Indigenous roots in Guatemala – born and raised in Minneapolis, self-taught “Gringindia” artist working in acrylics, using elements of Guatemalan Maya history, iconography, and worldview. What inspires her work include Indigenous identity, colonization, resistance, persecution of Indigenous populations, social justice, decolonization, and the role and strength of women.

Adrián García Méndez



First-Generation Chicano raised in Oak Cliff, TX. My photography brings together images that reflect my upbringing and surroundings.

Elizabeth Gonzales


Born and raised in the lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas, the 956. She is a multi-media artist. Her work is a personal narrative/ visual testimony on family stories, cultural identity, history, language, border culture, the Rio Grande Valley community.

Maggie Gutiérrez


I am a self-taught Chicana artist who grew up in Lewisville, Texas, and is currently in Oak Point. Since I was young, I had a passion for drawing.

Andrea López

24-year artist based in Fort-Worth, Texas. Andrea Lopez graduated from TCU with a bachelor’s in Studio Art, focusing on painting and illustration. The themes for the work include identity and culture as a Mexican immigrant growing up in the United States through surrealism and portraits.

Manuel Miranda



As a child, I was fascinated and attracted by the film projector, by the hands of the man who projected the movies. I love the life of creating so intensely that to my days, I still feel that sense of softness for creation and energy.

Reyna Ramírez



From Jalisco, Mexico, to Dallas, Texas. Reyna became interested in art as a young child from influence of her older brother exploring different mediums.

Alexis Ramos


Texas-born & Valley-raised artist Alexis Marie Ramos currently attends the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, College of Fine Arts, pursuing her MFA and BFA in ceramics. Engaged in creating several monumental sculptures in the Rio Grande Valley, and activities presented in the school’s galleries

Adriana Rodríguez


Chicana artist born and raised in Dallas, TX, where nothing has burned the flame in my heart the way creating does. I hope my art brings a sense of wonder, imagination, and a sense of color into someone’s life.

Krystel Salguero


Krys, also known as Chapis, draws and paints original characters she calls “faces” Of Guatemalan heritage; the artist focuses on representing POC in her work. She is a self-taught artist who enjoys playing with multiple mediums such as acrylic paint, spray paint, pens, and oil pastels, where her color palette centers around beautiful shades of brown.

Vicente Puentes

@Chentes art


Born in Irving, Texas, Vicente Puentes creates his art with a cartoon flair. Mediums such as drawing, painting, nail art, or embroidery. Puente’s inspiration comes from his surroundings. History, old-school traditions, personal interests, jewelry, music, family, friends, and everyday life.